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Whatever you are doing today in your IT infrastructure, can be deployed and managed in an Azure environment. Azure gives you everything you need… servers, infrastructure, applications, and email all in a cloud environment. Available, anywhere at any time!

  • No IT Issues

    Express takes care of the heavy lifting... Cyber Security. Patches. Ransomware. Disaster Recovery.

  • Flexibility Built In

    Add-ons or changes needed? You can pay for what you need and use without the heavy burden of network expenses.

  • Cost Efficient

    Low overhead with no server equipment to purchase, maintain, or replace. You get the latest and greatest in hardware all up to date with superior Microsoft quality.

GP Hosting

Access from anywhere… Take your on-premise GP, and put it in the cloud, where it was meant to be!

Easier to upgrade… Streamlines process as you don’t have to deal with upgrading servers or hardware.

Eliminates the need for internal IT to manage the GP environment. No worries… all integrations will continue to work.

Saves time and money… Dynamics GP + Azure = a unified Microsoft approach for easier GP support allowing for a quicker resolution time.

Managed IT Services

From the Cloud to On-Premise to the Edge and beyond, we provide our customers with best-in-class solutions for a wide range of Managed IT Services. Working with your staff, 3rd party IT vendors, or other MSP’s, we find the right fit to facilitate the best solutions. We take the headache out of tech, with our scalable solutions to accommodate any need or size of organization. Our elite tech team acts as your IT department and can extend user support all the way down to your desktop users.

Providing an Integrated Experience

Whether you want to take advantage of our reliable managed cloud resources in Azure; scale out your business applications and provide access from anywhere; get on-premise support even at home for your users, hardware, or software; push the Edge of IoT technologies and deliver end devices that are smarter and work harder; Implement a robust and reliable disaster recovery system to protect from ransomware, user error, fire, flood or other disasters; or adopt AI, data warehousing or advanced analytics in your business processes, Express can deliver with our wide range of Managed IT Services.

  • Device & Application End-User Support

  • Core Network and Server Management

  • Remote IT Environment Monitoring with real-time Proactive Management and Support

  • Managed Azure Cloud Solutions

  • Robust and Reliable Disaster Recovery with Complete Ransomware Protection

  • Network Security Management

  • Customized Edge, AI or Application Development and Management

  • License and Inventory Management

  • Vendor/3rd Party Management

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