Why Intacct for Nonprofits?

When running a nonprofit, being able to manage your finances in an efficient way is essential. Faith-based organizations, foundations, associations, social services and healthcare providers and more can all benefit from the Intacct’s cloud accounting software. Here is some more information on why you may consider Intacct for nonprofits.

Nonprofits That Use Intacct

Faith-based associations such as Canyon Ridge Christian find Intacct helpful for a number of reasons, for one because it’s a more robust solution than QuickBooks. Education Pioneers takes advantage of the real-time analytics that can give them 3, 6 and 12-month outlooks, enabling them to make better decisions. Islandwood is another nonprofit organization that enjoys no longer having to cobble several spreadsheets together on a monthly basis. That saved time can be put into better fulfilling the nonprofit’s mission.

Benefits of Intacct for Nonprofits

Intacct is able to provide a clearer picture for nonprofit organizations, with numbers, summaries and details that are presented in a useful way. By displaying useful information on programs, grants and locations in real time, nonprofits are better able to get a lay of the land and act in their strategic best interest. Intacct also enables nonprofits to be more productive, providing automated workflows across multiple locations, entities and currencies. Finally, since Intacct is a cloud software platform, it is flexible, easy and can be accessed anywhere on any device.

Intacct Features for Nonprofits

Some of the features that nonprofit Intacct clients value the most include reporting and dashboards that allow them to create any kind of visualization, dashboard or report that they want. In addition, project accounting tools ensure projects are executed on-time and within budget. Other popular tools include multi-entry management, purchasing, accounts payable, cash management, and general ledger.

Are you a non-profit organization that uses Intacct? How has the cloud accounting software helped you?

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