Schimke Leading the Way for San Antonio Female Entrepreneurs

According to a recent study on the Best States for Female Entrepreneurs, Texas is the best state in the nation due to its business-friendly legal and economic climate! In San Antonio, we are lucky to have a plethora of powerful women leading the way in business. These women come from all backgrounds, venturing in all directions, driven by their passions and experiences.

The Nov/Dec 19 issue of San Antonio Women highlights Iris Schimke as one of four Women in Business who continue to shape our city with their innovation while blazing a path for the next generation of businesswomen. Although all specialize in different industries, each woman found success through believing in herself, long hours of hard work, and creating a support system of family, friends, and mentors.

Here’s a sneak peek into Iris’s article…

Thirty years ago, Iris Schimke found herself suddenly laid off from her job at Computer Craft and pregnant with her first child.

To help her get through a tough time, she took on contract work for a friend implementing a new accounting system for her company. Schimke found a system through a company in North Dakota. If she signed up as a “value-added reseller” her client received added benefits. Although becoming a reseller was not part of her plan, she signed on.

Soon after, the North Dakota company called her with a sales lead. Schimke told them she never planned to sell. “I don’t have a laptop, I’ve never done a demo,” she confessed. “You probably want to get someone else to do this.”

Under threat of losing perks for her client, Schimke agreed to the call. Then, she spent six months learning everything about being the new business.

Read more about Iris Schimke, CEO of Express Information Systems, and the other amazing San Antonio Female Entrepreneurs that are leading the way!

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