Relieve the Pain with Modern Accounting System for Healthcare

Relieve the Pain with Modern Accounting System for Healthcare – In the 21st century, “healthcare” means a lot more than just a clinic or hospital.  From medical research to a community clinic, from early childhood services to long-term health residences for the aging, healthcare professionals and organizations play a crucial role in our communities.

Relieve the Pain with Modern Accounting System for Healthcare and Express Information Systems

According to a 2017 report, there are three chronic problem sources for CFOs and Finance Directors:  manual reporting; poor visibility; and disparate systems.

  • 64% say manual, time-consuming reporting is a concerning issue.
  • 57% believe lack of real-time visibility into KPIs slows decisions.
  • 57% feel multiple, disconnected systems cause inefficiency.

One of the benefits of working with Express Information Systems is that our experience is both broad and deep.  We’ve worked with over 600 organizations.  We’re familiar with the types of accounting problems that develop over time.  But more importantly, we have tried and true solutions for those problems – including manual reporting, lack of real-time visibility, and frustration associated with lack of integration between information systems in use throughout the organization.

You can’t afford to have inefficient manual processes to slow growth of your organization.  Express Information Systems’ customer Touchstone Communities can testify to this, having grown from two locations to over 20 locations. “Working with the Express staff for over 15 years now has been a breathtaking relief from an accounting standpoint,” said Touchstone Communities’ Louanne Mathews.  “It’s an easy and convenient experience as the staff tenure is reliable and it’s nice always being able to speak to the same representative assigned to us.”

As we like to say, if you’ve got more to do than time to do it, we should talk.  Give us a call, we can help tame the chaos.

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