Microsoft Dynamics GP: 3 Steps to a Smooth Software Upgrade

If you think Microsoft Dynamics GP may be a solution for you, you may be wondering what to expect when you get in touch with a partner. The process to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics software typically includes the following three steps. In the end, your business should have an ERP solution customized and implemented just for your specific needs, as well as training and ongoing support.

Why Do You Need Microsoft Dynamics GP?

The first step in upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP is to have an outside expert come in and review your business process and determine technical readiness. During this phase, your Microsoft GP partner will take a look at how you get your job done. This phase will include an interview with current software users and an inventory of existing technology. The resulting recommendations should address how your company can expect to resolve any performance gaps using software that will save you time and money. Once the analysis has been concluded, you and your software consultant will be able to have a meaningful conversation about Microsoft Dynamics GP costs.

Deploying Microsoft GP Your Way

After your needs assessment, your consultant should have a pretty good idea of the Microsoft Dynamics GP modules that you require. Once your unique software approach has been finalized, the next phase is to have a comprehensive implementation for your specific needs. A team of specialists will configure the software solutions and integrations you have selected and personalize them to your specifications. After this step, you should be able to test out the solution to assure that it works – all of this is wrapped in the Microsoft Dynamics GP price structure you have selected. Finally, during the data migration process, software professionals will conclude the conversion to your new software solution.

Training & Ongoing Support for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Having the proper training – whether it’s in a class or one-on-one – is critical to the overall adoption of whatever new software you adopt. Once training has concluded, your Microsoft GP consultant will connect you to ongoing product support. From remote to on-site solutions, there is a variety of forms in which this support should be available, including via phone, email or in-person. The important thing is customers have the support they need how they want it, when they need it.

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