De-Stress with Express – The Right Accounting Technology Partner Makes All the Difference in the World

De-Stress with Express – The Right Accounting Technology Partner Makes All the Difference in the World – “If another business was asking me, “who would you recommend to help me with my accounting system?,” says Earl Longoria (Texas Direct Auto), “Hands down I would recommend EIS, specifically because their people are very knowledgeable.”

Selecting a new ERP accounting solution is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make for your business.  Having been through the process with over 600 companies, we understand how important a successful implementation is for the executive team, the people who will use the system every day, and the company itself.

A lot of second-guessing and doubt can swirl around an ERP accounting software implementation:  What if things go wrong?  Will this perform as promised?  How much disruption will the organization endure?

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Not if you have the right technology partner.

Our team wants to make the process as stress-less as possible.  Express Information Systems 29+ years of experience continues to eliminate the “what if things go wrong” concern as we bring a 100% implementation success rate to your project.

Express Information Systems’ 96% customer retention rate is evidence that what we demonstrated to you in the sales process will work as promised following implementation.

Change means disruption.  The benefit of working with Express Information Systems is that we keep the disruption to a minimum.

“Due to the knowledge and support of the consultant assigned to us from Express Information Systems, we were able to implement the new accounting system without disruption to our business,” reports Susan Quidley (SecureLogix).

We perform ERP implementations 22% faster than the industry average.  You are up and running quickly, as promised, and on a system optimized for you and your business goals.

If you are consider a new ERP accounting solution, remember that an equally important aspect of your decision is the technology partner you choose to guide you through selection, implementation and post-implementation support.  Consider our track record – we would bring our industry-leading performance to your project.  A successful ERP project is just a phone call away.

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