CRM and Mobile Software

Technology, there is no doubt its versatility has changed in unimaginable ways throughout the course of a decade. We can do so many things that normally would be done through a computer with the simple touch of a button on a smartphone or tablet. Professional technology helps businesses stay in constant contact with its clients and staff.

So what are the benefits different types of business owners can get from employing CRM or mobile software technology? Why would I as a business owner want to invest in these tools? The simple answer is: Having access to mobility solutions can dramatically help increase productivity as well as help customer-relationship management grow.

CRM and mobile technology can help you increase the output of several areas of your company, including:

1. Sales Teams –

You’re constantly traveling trying to meet prospective clients and need to check order statuses, outstanding customer balances, invoice history and opportunities. Now you have access to this on your smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices. It’s all about the clients’ happiness, keep them coming back for more and generate new business, as well.

2. Consultants/Technicians –

You’re on site with a client or traveling. Eliminate the need to go back and forth to the office to enter completed tasks. Now, you can accurately record the time spent on a project, inventory available/consumed and client sign off right on the spot. Increase the inventory control, have time tracking and faster invoice/pay. It’s a true win, win.

3. Executives –

Instant access to real-time key performance indicators and trends can also be accessed through nearly all mobile devices. Influence better, encourage faster decision-making, and reduce the workload.

4. Staff –

Gain access to valuable information and ability to access data in real time in order to increase productivity and offer better customer service.

5. Other –

On the warehouse or shop floor you track time spent of a WIP product per step in the manufacturing process. Use mobile bar-code scanner and bar-coded “traveler” documents for accurate costing, order status tracking and increased productivity.

The prevalence of technology and the devices which utilize it offer users a dynamic way to manage your company’s sales and work processes. For more information on these tools please contact us at

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