3 Reasons to Consider an Asset Management Solution Over Spreadsheets

Organizations need simplified and accurate accounting throughout the fixed asset management life cycle. However, most companies have multiple sets of asset acquisition, depreciation, and disposal information as they don’t have the right fixed asset software.

How much time do you spend entering fixed asset data into spreadsheets? Hours? Days? Once the data is in there, are you manually calculating and tracking depreciation? Are you then manually entering journal entries into your accounting system? If so, it’s time to think about a solution that unifies fixed asset management with core financials. A fixed asset solution that’s unified with your core financial system delivers automation from acquisition to disposal, provides complete control over the asset lifecycle, and serves up insights to make better decisions.

Sage Intacct Fixed Asset Software streamlines fixed asset management by automating the life cycle from acquisition to disposal, increasing control over your processes and data, and delivering rich, real-time insights to inform business decisions.

For example, Women’s World Banking uses Sage Intacct to gain a real-time view of all their assets and:

  • Cut 200 hours of AP and reporting time annually
  • Streamlined time capture, project costing, and revenue recognition workflows
  • Improved reporting for multiple global entities and 20 grants

To learn more, read this eBook or check out a quick demo of Sage Intacct’s fixed asset software.

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