Your 24/7 Financial System: Empowering your Team to Work Remotely

Are your employees still burning the midnight oil? Fortunately, financial professionals are no longer limited to sitting in their office after-hours to wrap up an important project—or to run a report that was requested from the C-suite at 5:29 p.m. Thanks to cloud-based accounting and financial systems that are built for mobility, they have the flexibility to log into their software while on-the-go (or while sitting their living room couch) to get their work done—without skipping a beat.

Meeting Employees Expectations for 24/7 Productivity

For today’s connected employees, mobility is an expectation. It’s no wonder, as they’re used to using their connected devices to take care of personal “business” on-demand. They can access their bank accounts while at the grocery store, share a photo with family members in real-time, and book a hotel room or order their coffee in minutes—all from the smartphones they carry in their pockets.

These preferences and behaviors are driving companies across industries to adopt mobile technology. And they’re finding that by doing so, employees are able to collaborate and serve internal and external stakeholders more effectively, regardless of where they might be at any given time. Mobile tools enable everyone on the team—office-based workers, home-based workers, and even workers who frequently travel—to communicate more efficiently and drive business forward.

Intacct: Your Best In Class Solution for Staying Productive from Anywhere

With Intacct, your team has anytime, anywhere access to their financial and accounting system. That means there’s no time wasted if they’re working at home in the morning, at the airport in the afternoon, and in their hotel room in the evening. They’re always a few taps or swipes away from the information they need to do their jobs:

  • Whenever, Wherever Access. If you need an accounting task approved or have a report to run for a decision-maker, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the conference room or the kitchen. Employees who are using Intacct’s cloud-based solutions are able to access financial data from anywhere, as long as they’re connected to the internet, whether you’re on a mobile network or WiFi.
  • Access from Any Device. If you’re sitting in a taxi and can’t pull out your laptop—but you have to review a report for a teammate—opening the Intacct app on your smartphone should do the trick. Intacct’s accounting software can be accessed on a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet; through a browser or feature-rich application. And the user interface looks great no matter what device you’re using.
  • Almost Always “Up.” There’s no knowing when you’ll be called on to work. It could be during your morning train commute or after your late-night talk show. What matters is that you’re able to connect to your data and system tools and do what you need to do. Intacct guarantees 99.8% uptime so you’re very unlikely to log-in and find that your system is “down.”

Intacct’s cloud-based software is designed for today’s mobile workforce. It’s built to meet the needs of accounting and finance professionals who don’t want to be limited by yesterday’s technology. Click here to learn more.

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