True Insight Company-wide – Integration is a Powerful Benefit of Cloud Computing

True Insight Company-wide – Integration is a Powerful Benefit of Cloud Computing – When you are making a decision about an important expenditure, most of us prefer to have data supporting our decision.  Access to data that informs and supports a particular strategic direction or course of action is welcome sooner rather than later.  The obstacle to data-driven decisions typically centers around the difficulty in getting the data you need.

Software solutions have always been the repository of critical data.  The problem was, and in many cases still is, silos of information:  for example, financial data was in an accounting system; prospect and customer data was in a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system; other operational data was housed in other systems.  Because they weren’t integrated, none of these systems “talked” with one another.

As a result, manual workarounds, importing and exporting into Excel became the means of integrating data and an enormous, time-consuming challenge for accounting departments.

Integration is a Powerful Benefit of Cloud Computing

There are many benefits to cloud computing.  Foremost among these benefits is powerful integration.  This is because the best cloud solutions take advantage of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

“An API is simply a methodology to specify how discreet software components should interact with each other.  Modern software is built with open APIs as a central part of its architecture making it a simple and straightforward task to create integrations between disparate software products,” is how it is explained in the white paper, “Delivering a Tailored Solution – Best of Breed Business Applications”.

APIs allow a Best of Breed approach to departmental software.  The accounting department can choose the best financial accounting solution.  The sales department can select the best CRM for their revenue-generating activities, etc.   Or, if you’re a nonprofit, the development staff can select best of breed fundraising and online giving applications and the financial accounting department can pick the best accounting solution to track and report on funding.

In both scenarios, the solutions are integrated and provide multi-dimensional insight – better information with which to make decisions.

True Insight Company-wide

With Sage Intacct, integration and APIs allow you to bring non-accounting information into your financial dashboard for a more complete picture of KPIs and company goals.

If you were a nonprofit organization, traditional financial metrics such as Budget versus Actual compared to prior year, but with integrations to other mission-critical application, you could also track the number of meals served, program efficiency, and fundraising efficiency – as well as countless other metrics.

Express Information Systems Will Help You Evaluate and Implement Solutions

What would be the combination of metrics you’d like to see?  Contact us and we’ll be glad to describe just how powerful your reporting can be with integration.  We’re also offering access to the white paper from Diversity Unlimited, ‘Delivering a Tailored Solution – Best of Breed Business Applications’ – so please take advantage of these valuable offers.

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