Three Signs You’re Working With The Wrong Technology Partner

Are you questioning your relationship with your technology partner? Take heart. As a growing company, you’re facing new challenges and trying out new solutions—and trusting the experts to guide your next steps. But for some reason, even with the best of intentions, some partnerships just aren’t built to go the distance. But trust us, there’s hope ahead.

It’s A Matter of Size

You don’t always find the “right fit” when you’re entering uncharted territory. Sometimes, it’s a matter of size. It’s not so much that your company is too small or your vendor is too big: it’s that there’s a misalignment between your company’s needs and what the vendor is ultimately able to deliver. How do you know if you’re not right-sized with your partner—that it’s time to move on?

Here are three signs you may recognize:

1) Something Seems Too Good To Be True.

Whether you found the “perfect” software solution online or partnered up with a tech vendor who paid you a friendly sales call, you were led to believe that your route from point A to point B was going to be effortless. (By the way, that’s not necessarily your fault!) It’s possible you were getting in on a low, promotional first-time-customer rate or were dazzled by a speedy implementation timeframe. Regardless, the project isn’t panning out the way you planned.

2) You’re Sitting With Tons of Questions.

Unfortunately, some technology vendors prioritize customers according to how much they’re getting paid. This might make sense for larger companies or for those with lots of internal IT resources, but growing companies tend to depend on their technology partners for support. At the end of the day—the long, frustrating day—when your questions aren’t answered and your solution isn’t benefiting you the way you thought it would, you’re not much better off than you were this morning.

3) “This Is Costing How Much?”

IT project costs can easily go off-budget. This happens when your vendor’s tech team gets into your environment and starts uncovering unanticipated problems or untapped needs—possibly because they didn’t ask the right questions in the first place. When your IT budget and the vendor’s cost structures are not worked out up-front and changes to the project scope aren’t adequately communicated along the way, the relationship can go downhill, quickly. Sometimes it’s that simple.

Moving Forward, Right-Sized

No matter what causes the client/vendor fallout, the relationship’s failure can sour your entire team to the great things they hoped to accomplish with their new technology. Where can you go from here?

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