Let’s Play in the Sand… A Replica Environment for Testing and Exploration

Your accounting solution is your one source of the truth. But, how can you champion change without risking what’s working? What if you want to test a new application? Or, you need training? These are all perfect examples of when you would need or use a testing environment, a.k.a… a sandbox.

A sandbox provides an environment that is a replica of your real-time solution containing all of your transactional data, configurations, and customizations. So, it’s a safe, realistic environment for training and testing. The sandbox environment can also accelerate growth and innovation by empowering the finance team to consider new business models, new ways to work, and understand the impact of each change.

Our Sage Intacct customers all love their sandbox. Here are a few reasons why…

  • Test quarterly releases with minimal risk.
  • Train new employees – People love that they can learn by training on the organization’s actual data set.
  • Setup and test new Entities and Locations before using in the production environment.
  • Pilot new operational processes to improve efficiency in a carefully controlled way.

Increase Staff Productivity

A sandbox environment gets new staff up-to-speed quickly.  They can learn and make mistakes without compromising your live data.  This also allows current staff the opportunity to train on new skills or areas of the business while minimizing risk.  Enhance the learning experience by training on your organization’s actual data set.

Facilitate Rapid Decision Making

You can experiment with configuration changes or new capabilities before pushing them live to their active production environment.  You get to use your actual data to test new processes and see the impact before making a decision.  Make more informed process and customization decisions by taking advantage of all the data in your Sage Intacct system.

Make Changes Confidently

Avoid unintended impacts to your routine processes by testing or training in a sandbox. In a sandbox environment, you have the freedom to attempt test transactions and make different configuration choices and safely assess their value.  You can turn features on, test them out, and then refresh your sandbox to revert it back to your current active systems state – without involving IT or technical resources.

Test Integrations Before You Go Live

When integrating with a new system, organizations can test the integration in the sandbox environment to ensure stability and setup before pushing live to the organization.

Sometimes it’s fun to play the Sage Intacct sandbox… Connect with Express!

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