Stop Jumping from Application to Application… Make it Easy with Popdock

Do you have a favorite or “go-to” application?

Perhaps you are a salesperson that spends large chunks of your day inside of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system like or Dynamics 365 for Sales? Or maybe, your day is spent inside of an accounting system like Microsoft Dynamics GP or Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Although those applications are your home base for getting the data you need to successfully do your job, most people will need to access anywhere from 3-10 separate systems every day to get the job done. Have you ever wished you didn’t need to login to each system every day? Or, that you could access all those other systems in the main piece of software?

Well, the answer to those questions is, now you can, with Popdock! Popdock Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics GP is like a dream come true… all your data, one application with no IT or data scientist required.


Use your data to gain insights

Popdock makes data ACCESSIBLE – Popdock is a self-service BI tool that allows you to access all your cloud-based application data. Log into one single app and all your data is there.

Popdock provides REAL-TIME reporting – Popdock reports are always based on live data. It’s real-time reporting that helps everyone do their job better. Popdock provides data driven-action plans perfect for the Small Business reporting needs or the everyday employee.

Popdock makes data ACTIONABLE – Popdock serves up actionable data allowing you to complete tasks without logging into the native application(s).


Customer Success Story

For Super Star Car Wash, Popdock was the lifeline they so desperately needed after learning that Dynamics 365 Business Central didn’t provide an out of the box multi-company reporting solution.

“These are critical reports for us. Popdock does something that Business Central can’t do – in that it gives us the information we need without having to log in and out of 25 different companies. It’s beyond a time-saver,” noted Dan Vaith, Chief Financial Officer at Super Star Car Wash.

Are you using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics GP and need a better way to work with your multi-company reports? Join us for a webinar on July 8th at 11 AM CST or chat with one of our Express Information Systems team members to let them know you’re ready for help from Popdock!

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