New CPE Workshops for CPA’s

Accounting firms aren’t disappearing; they’re maturing, growing and evolving. Express Information Systems is excited to announce our series of CPE workshops aimed at helping CPA’s make the transition to this era of new technology.

Client SystemsProcesses Audit & Financial Reporting – How many of your clients have well-documented systems and processes?  Do your audits routinely take more time than you or your clients would like due to “additional information required?” With the advent of various graphical display tools, there are a host of new tools available for financial reporting, auditing and budgeting. In professional services, we understand that part of what we offer is the “sizzle” and not just the steak. And, how professionally, creatively and uniquely we can present the client’s information to them is just as important as the information itself. The objective of this workshop is to review and identify those areas where client systems and/or processes are deficient and provide recommendations for improvement. It will also provide you with multiple client examples that will be able to help you in future client engagements.       

Providing Strategic Advice to Clients on Moving to the “Cloud” – When reviewing Accounting Today, there is no shortage of articles about “moving to the cloud.” Overall functionality can be a limiting factor in a cloud strategy, while the benefits can include, lower overall IT cost, end-user customization, and a consistently supported environment.  This workshop will detail the differences between public clouds, private clouds, and blended environments. It will also examine in detail various client functionality challenges, the current state of cloud accounting solutions, and help you be better informed so that you can have those strategic and tactical conversations with your client.   

Latest Trends & Functionality Updates in Accounting/Financial Software – When you review the CFO Journal, there are a host of accounting and financial software solutions for clients out there.  The question is, which one if any would be a great fit for my client?  Would any of these tools help save my client, time, money, energy, and/or effort?  The objective of this workshop is to help you work with your client to identify a specific list of requirements as a starting pointand then helping guide them to through the selection process of identifying and determining the right solution for their needs.    

One (1) CPE credit is available for these workshops and no prerequisites are required. These workshops arfree of charge and include a complimentary light snack.

If you are interested in scheduling a workshop for you, your clients or your CPA firm… please call Tim Christ @ 210-632-4571.

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