Microsoft Dynamics GP – 2020 Year-End Blog Series Schedule!

Back by popular demand… Microsoft has created a Microsoft Dynamics GP 2020 Year-End Blog series, and what a year this will be! There are a lot of changes to talk about this year. Typically with an election year, we do not see a lot of movement, but of course, like anything else, 2020 is an odd year and we have LOTS of change.

After this year-end, most customers with the template issue, Payables form change and Payroll, will all will be current on year-end updates which means it will be BUSY for everyone to get all this done in a short period of time, so we need patience to get thru everything and planning is key.

To make this easier, the Microsoft Dynamics GP Support Team will be publishing blog articles with year-end closing information to assist you with planning for a smooth year-end close.  These articles include general questions about year-end processes for that module and any changes that may affect your Year-End processes for the 2020 year.

Current Schedule of upcoming blog posts:
November 17 – General Ledger
November 18 – U.S. Payroll
November 19  – W-2 Tips and Tricks
November 24 – Electronic W-2 (EFW2) for a successful filing
November 25 – Fixed Assets
December 1 –  Payables Management
December 2  – Payables Management NEW 1099-NEC
December 3 – Inventory
December 8 – Analytical Accounting
December 9 – Receivables Management
December 10 – Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Note:  The blog article will be directly linked to the above schedule as the articles are published. Dates are subject to change.

When is the 2020 update expected to release and where can I download it?
The 2020 U.S. Year-end Update is targeted to be released around 11/20/2020 (for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 and 18.3). The links to the download can be found here:

U.S. Payroll Year-End Update for Microsoft Dynamics GP
U.S. Payroll Year-End Update for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016

Note:  The Year-End Update will be an all-inclusive update and includes all prior service packs, hotfixes, etc. For GP 2018 customers, if you install the 2020 year-end update, you will have all the features noted in the October 2020 release.

Where can I find documentation and other resources for Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Have you heard about Microsoft Dynamics GP Directory?  The Microsoft Dynamics GP Directory is a one-stop-shop for what you are looking for around Microsoft Dynamics GP.  It provides a consolidated view of relevant documentation, videos, solutions to known issues, new features, blog links, installation guides, Hot Topics, community sites, and much, much more…  Be sure to check it out!

Dynamics GP DOCS is the headquarters for all your Dynamics GP Documentation needs.  Microsoft continually adds new information on the DOCS site.  This is your go-to source to learn about new features or maybe you have a new user in your company that needs to learn the product.  Microsoft is gradually working their way through converting the legacy manuals. We believe in the strength of the Dynamics GP community, and we welcome additional contributions. The future is online for the Dynamics GP content because it’s easier to maintain.

I hope the information above will help you to have a smooth and successful year-end!

Have questions, we are here to help… Connect with Express!

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