Making the Cloud Accounting and Culture Connection

You might not think that your accounting software has anything to do with your company culture, but think again. Company culture can be characterized by many things—your organization’s values, people, and work practices—so why not its approach to financial management and back-office administration? In this day and age, technology plays a significant role in business operations—and, yes, it’s culture. That means your accounting software has a real “voice” in your organization’s personality.

Technology’s Role in Culture

Technology—what’s implemented and where it’s implemented—reflects your leadership’s values and helps shape your company’s brand identity. As such, it can say any number of things about your company:

  • “We’re innovative and on the competitive cutting edge.”
  • “We rely on yesterday’s systems because they’re tried-and-true.”
  • “We love fresh ideas.”
  • “We’re not progressive.”
  • “We arm our employees with the tools they need to serve our internal and external customers better.”
  • “We want to look shiny and new, even if we work inefficiently behind the scenes.”

Of course, these examples might oversimplify matters and don’t necessarily take into account business models, budgets, customer base, and other factors that drive technology adoption. But even still, consider your existing financial management and accounting system: What message are you sending to business partners, vendors, customers, and, of course, employees and potential employees?

What Does Your Accounting Software Say About You?

If you’re still relying on spreadsheets and traditional desktop software, you may be “stuck” with what worked well for you yesterday and you’re feeling the growth pains today. Inadvertently, you’re demonstrating stagnation. And this may be far from what you value! If it’s time for your organization to evolve—and embrace updated technology—just think how it will refresh your outlook and create forward movement for your business.

Investing in best-in-class, cloud-based technology says, “We’re agile, focused on growth, and ready for tomorrow.” It sends a message to employees and business partners that imparts a commitment to efficiency and productivity—and a desire to make the most of financial and human resources. And this, as a cultural message, helps guide work behaviors, attract and retain right-fit employees, and makes your business stronger.

And there’s the cloud accounting and culture connection! Let’s take a listen to how the technology shows up in your culture:

“We’re Focused on Our Mission.”

Cloud accounting software enables your finance and accounting team to leave the manual workloads behind them. Thanks to automation technology, they spend less of their time recording transactions and following pieces of paper through a multi-step process. They’re better able to contribute to your company’s vision or mission when they’re free to work on strategic projects. Instead of entering data into a spreadsheet, they can evaluate data on a report; rather than reconciling numbers for historical reports, they can run projections that impact the future. They’re proactive, not reactive, conditioned and empowered by technology to think outside of the box.

Learn more in How Cloud Accounting Saves You Time.

“We’re a Productive, Collaborative Team.”
When your people have the right tools at their fingertips, they simply achieve more—and can make a difference to performance, together. Cloud accounting software does much of their time-consuming heavy lifting, thanks to digital automation, but it also makes it easy for them to access data on-demand, around the clock. Get more insights in Your 24/7 Financial System: Empowering your Team to Work Remotely.

What’s more, they’re empowered with collaboration tools that make team and even interdepartmental communication easier and more convenient. Sage Intacct’s cloud accounting software, in fact, has a built-in tool that allows users to communicate within the platform. Find out more in 4 Tips for Fostering Financial Team Collaboration.

What Do You Say?

Organizations in every stage of growth are paying more attention to what drives employee and company performance, and they’re developing workforce cultures that support their goals. If you think that a cloud accounting solution would help propel your team in the right direction, contact us. And don’t miss 5 Tips to Prepare your Accounting Team for a Technology Change.

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