Leading Tech Company that Helped San Antonio Become an IT Town Turns 30

Express Information Systems, a leading provider of business software solutions and support, is celebrating 30 years in the industry. Launched in 1989 as one of San Antonio’s early technology companies, Express Information Systems has grown to serve more than 300 mid-market clients.

Founder Iris Schimke first became enamored with computers while working in regional sales, recognizing how the right software could help make her weekly reports much faster and easier to compile. She launched Express Information Systems at both a pivotal and opportune time in San Antonio history: When computers were just emerging as a day to day resource for most business operations, and when the local tech industry was dominated by men.

“Times change because people pioneer through them,” said Schimke. “San Antonio was not a technology town in 1989, now it is. Women did not have a visible presence in the technology industry, there was only a handful of us. Shifts like this don’t just happen, we worked to make them happen.”

Today, Express Information Systems is a trusted local partner for CFOs who need to leverage technology and automate processes to deliver real-time information. As a result, they have a 96 percent customer retention rate—a feat as important as their successful employee retention and tenure. This has helped them serve more than 500 customers, delivering customized software solutions for over 30 years.

“We’re proud of who we’ve become as an organization, but more than that, we’re proud of what we’ve contributed to San Antonio’s identity and the growth of women in the technology industry,” said Iris Schimke, founder, and CEO of Express Information Systems.

Enterprises like Express Information Systems are what laid the foundation for the technology industry in San Antonio. They succeeded in the dawning of a new age of technology and continually evolving to provide customers with tailored business solutions. It is because of this dedication to client satisfaction that Express Information Systems is celebrating their 30th anniversary and looking forward to welcoming many more.

“We have fun doing what we’re doing,” said Iris. “So, we’ll keep doing it and doing it well.”


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About Express Information Systems:

Express information Systems helps mid-market companies at all stages find more time in their day by creating customized software solutions. Their diverse clientele spans the industries of manufacturing and distribution, healthcare, hospitality, nonprofits, and more.

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