Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Better Than Microsoft Dynamics GP?

We get asked this question often.

Plus, the related questions, “Is Microsoft Dynamics GP still an active product?” or “When is Dynamics GP a better fit than Dynamics 365”?

As a company that has helped more than 300 companies install ERP systems since 1989, and a company that sells and support BOTH Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics 365, we feel we can give an honest and unbiased reply.

But first, it would be good to explain what you need to know about Microsoft Dynamics 365. Download the white paper, “But Really…What is Microsoft Dynamics 365” to find out about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations versus Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and the features and benefits of each.

Once that is clear, we can go back to the question about Microsoft Dynamics GP.

This is my answer:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is not better than Microsoft Dynamics GP, it is just different. And there are still times when Microsoft Dynamics GP is the best fit.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a workhorse with deep functionality that doesn’t break. It is still an active product, supported by Microsoft. There is a tremendous community of ISVs (third-party applications) that add even more depth for functionality depending on your needs. Dynamics GP is highly customizable so it can be a tool for how you want to run your company and can be leveraged as a competitive advantage. It has a huge customer base which continues to make Microsoft money every year. That also means it is easy to find employees who have already been trained and know the application so your onboarding costs for new employees are much lower.

Many people do not realize that…

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a best practices type of model which means that it has limited ability to be customized, and the control over the environment is dependent totally on Microsoft. The ability to control when new functionality is introduced or a UI (user interface) change is implemented is no longer within the customer’s control. Clients that are uncomfortable with that model gravitate to Dynamics GP with confidence.

Sometimes Microsoft Dynamics GP is still the right choice.

When comparing ERP products remember that finding the right partner is just as important as finding the right software solution. You need to trust the team that will be helping you transform your business operations. Express Information Systems is ready to help you, like we’ve helped hundreds of others, gain greater control of their financials, sales, and operations.

Do you want to compare Microsoft Dynamics GP versus Microsoft Dynamics 365 and find the right fit for your business needs and your business culture?

Express Information Systems can help. Let’s start the conversation.

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