How to Easily Change Your Microsoft Partner

As much as everyone hopes that they can keep every customer happy, sometimes things just don’t work out as planned. So, from time to time, no matter the reason, the wish to change your Microsoft Partner of Record or VAR (Value Added Reseller) can and does happen.

Luckily, the process of switching is much simpler than most may think. You don’t need to wait until your renewal date, and nothing needs to be canceled.  Think about changing more like its a transfer of support as your licensing is still and will always be with Microsoft.

At Express Information Systems, we assist companies with their change of Microsoft Partner of Record or VAR for both Dynamics 365 and Dynamics GP quite frequently. Once a company has chosen Express as their official new Partner, it’s as simple as filling out a short form and returning it to us for processing. You won’t need a reason to give for switching partners. All the form requires is the following:

  • Contact information (name, phone number, email, address)
  • Registered Company name
  • Microsoft Product Line
  • Account Number
  • Microsoft Authorized Number
  • Existing Partner Details
  • Signature


The most common bump we see in the Partner Change Process is when the contact who filled out/signed the form is not listed as administrator under the list of professionals in their Microsoft CustomerSource Account. This is a small hurdle that’s easy to overcome.

Another issue that can affect the ease of transition is the timing of the renewal.  Of course, it’s always easiest to switch partners when your renewal due date isn’t close. But, we don’t mind pushing the timeline to make it happen! The most important thing is not allowing your Microsoft license to lapse as that can be very costly.


In addition, as a courtesy, you do have the option of letting your existing Partner know beforehand. If you do not inform them, Microsoft will automatically update them via email that you have done a Change of VAR to a new Microsoft Partner. If you’re worried that Microsoft may not approve your VAR change request, don’t be concerned… it is not an approval process as they do not have a say about your VAR.

Most importantly, please remember that submitting changing a Microsoft Partner of Record or VAR (Value Added Reseller) does not cost any money and it’s done pretty quickly. So, what are you waiting for… maybe it’s time to connect with Express!

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