How Cloud Computing Improves Business Security

Is your business at risk?

Sad but true, business security is a huge concern today. Not only must you guard against the mundane threats such as human error, incorrect data entry, and non-compliance but in an extremely competitive environment, there are more deliberate threats such as ransomware, hacking, and outright fraud.  How do you mitigate the risks that threaten your business?

With the advent of Cloud computing, businesses were understandably hesitant to jump in with both feet. Because Cloud providers are responsible for security, many wondered if it was wise to entrust their business processes to them. Now, a good number of years later, Cloud-based ERP has proven itself even more reliable than using on-premises business software.

Cloud providers have to be experts at security; their business depends on it. With all of their resources focused on providing the latest in protection and quality control, they can be far more effective than your in-house IT staff.

Security is just one of the advantages of moving to cloud-based ERP. We’ve put together a white paper: 7 Serious Business Risks Eliminated by Cloud ERP, that identifies six more advantages of Cloud-based ERP.

Cloud ERP solutions provide more security, more functionality, and more flexibility to protect your assets and help your organization actively compete in today’s business world.

Would you like to know what other risks can be mitigated with Cloud ERP? Read the complete white paper:  7 Serious Business Risks Eliminated by Cloud ERP.

How can your partner help?

When you are ready to move your business software system to the cloud, your partner will act as the architect of your cloud transition, making sure every detail is covered with a plan in place. Relying on your partner ensures every user is comfortable and knows how to access the system’s features so they can perform their tasks with ease. Your employees can focus on your company and eliminate the frustration and wasted time that come with trial and error.  Working with a knowledgeable and experienced partner such as Express Information Systems makes good business sense.

If you’re considering moving your ERP to the Cloud, contact our experts at Express Information Systems and let’s discuss your next steps.

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