GP Dynamics or Sage Intacct – Why Express is Uniquely Positioned to Counsel You

GP Dynamics or Sage Intacct – Why Express is Uniquely Positioned to Counsel You – Making an objective comparison between accounting software solutions is difficult. It’s not simply a matter of placing feature sets side by side and determining who has the most or better features.

Apples to apples – if only it were that easy!

There is a multitude of information available on the Internet. On-demand product demonstrations are available 24/7, eager sales professionals are more than happy to provide you with spec sheets listing the highlights of their accounting software solution.

But it’s so much more than just features. You must also consider technology platforms, hardware and infrastructure requirements, pricing, viability and track record of the publisher, and ability to integrate and scale, to name just a few.

Fasten your seat belts

People don’t like change. So it’s necessary to prepare yourself and your team for the implementation processes and subsequent changes. Setting expectations is crucial. What is the projected duration of implementation? What needs to be done by when and by whom?

Change is ahead. Will it be barely noticeable mild turbulence or a bumpy, white-knuckle ride? Have you made a choice that keeps disruption to a minimum?

The key is to select the best solution that will accomplish the transformation you need (solve today’s problems while positioning you for the future) with the least disruption and the optimal return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO). Talk about a high level of expectations!

That’s why so many CFOs turn to Express Information Systems. We’ve worked with over 600 companies and nonprofits to help them select and implement their financial accounting solution.

GP Dynamics or Sage Intacct – Why Express is Uniquely Positioned to Counsel You: EIS provides an objective comparison 

We’ve got the experience, certifications, and deep knowledge of both GP Dynamics and Sage Intacct. We can save you time by sharing our objective insights. Most accounting solutions have more features than you will ever use. What’s critical is finding the best fit for you:

  • the configuration that will solve the unique problems of your business
  • the solution that will serve you well into the future as you grow and accomplish your goals
  • the implementation team that can keep disruption to a minimum
  • the selection that will deliver on ROI and TCO promises

Are you in the process of evaluating a new ERP solution? We can help and we’re just a phone call away.

If you’re not ready to call just yet, here’s a resource for you: ‘Top 3 Reasons Why Great Plains Customers Switch‘. This on-demand video features a case study, product demo, and a list of the top evaluation criteria.


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