Giving back to the Community is Good for the Soul

Giving back to the community by donating to local charities is good for the soul. At Express Information Systems, we are proud to support many local schools and charities including the Clara Cuellar Foundation.

Childhood cancer puts a burden on the entire family. The Clara Cuellar Foundation was founded by our friend and San Antonio businessman Roland Cuellar, Sr. with the mission to assist these families with the monetary need associated with travel, food, and lodging.

“This has always been an issue close to my heart,” said Roland, “When my sister Clara was diagnosed with Leukemia, she routinely had to go to MD Anderson in Houston to receive expensive treatment. One year after her diagnosis, Clara passed away in my mother’s arms at the age of nine.”

Roland was young when his sister passed but, he made a promise to himself that one day he would make a difference in families like his. Families who were dealt a hand no one deserved. Families who were just trying to make it by. That is why he founded the Clara Cuellar Foundation.

Follow this link to donate or learn more about The Clara Cuellar Foundation.

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