Financial software that will save you 100 hours per month

“I’m a strong believer that if a mechanical task can be done by software, it should not be done by a human being who could use that time for value-added activities.” – Alejandro Perez, CEO Komet Sales

Freeing people to do more and be more strategic is key to successfully growing a business, but how do you make that possible? When you’re stuck with a starter financial software like QuickBooks it’s not possible. So what do you do?

Join us for a discussion with Sage Intacct customer and  CEO of Komet Sales as he explores the obstacles that held his company back from exciting growth and the tools needed to automate background tasks, free up more person-hours and electrify his company’s growth.

We’ll discuss:

  • Making the switch from QuickBooks to something more robust
  • The tools and best practices you can employ to free up time and get more done
  • How the right financial tool like Sage Intacct can shorten your close by as much as 79%

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