Expense Reporting… Find the right fit—fast

Late or incomplete reports. Missing receipts. Coding errors. These issues keep your finance department busy, instead of adapting to change. And, with the right type of integration, these are exactly the challenges that a dedicated expense reporting solution can eliminate.

But, with so many new expense solutions coming to market, it can be a challenge sifting through the options. The key is to remember the qualities of best-in-class expense reporting solutions and your organization’s unique needs. Finding the perfect product fit is essential to achieving rapid ROI and improved visibility into company spend. Even with sophisticated technology like expense management software, the basic process for finding and vetting a vendor is pretty standard.

Research your options

Take your search online with a shortlist of potential vendors. For real-world reviews from actual users, check out user review sites such as Capterra, G2, and Sage Intacct’s Marketplace. You’ll get a pulse for the different solutions which will help narrow your options.

Use your expense solution comparison checklist

Use the checklist at the end of the ebook “A 5 -Step Guide to Choosing an Expense Reporting Solution” to rate potential vendors against your top priorities. That way you can check off features you need before investing time in sales calls or product demonstrations.

Include your employees

Bringing together a cross-section of users for a product demonstration is invaluable. By having someone to represent each use case, you’ll not only uncover any potential shortcomings of a solution, but you’ll also streamline stakeholder buy-in across the organization.

What matters to End-users? End-users want a simple tool that makes expense reporting quick.

  • Ease of use (capturing, creating, submitting reports)
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Paperless receipt capture and expense reporting
  • Fast reimbursements

What matters to Approvers? Approvers want to review only expenses that need attention.

  • Automatic policy compliance rules compliance controls
  • Flexible approval workflows
  • In-app communication with the submitter
  • High employee adoption rates
  • Self-service help center

What matters to Finance Departments Having accurate expense data available in real-time, with little administration.

  • Increased policy compliance
  • Greater insight into employee spending
  • Airtight audit trails for compliance and reporting
  • Full-service or guided implementations
  • Scalable integrations that adapt to the organization
  • Reliable solution with minimal downtime

What matters to IT/Enterprise? Staying secure without maintaining a new tool.

  • Reliable solution without maintenance
  • Highest standards for security and compliance
  • Complete help center
  • A network of reliable partners

Now that you’re armed with the information you need to make an informed decision, it’s time to put ideas into action.

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