Enhancing “What is” with “What if” and How Express Information Systems Can Help

Enhancing “What is” with “What if” and How Express Information Systems Can Help – When it comes to accounting, the top leadership roles belong to the controller and the CFO.   For many outside the accounting department, it may come as a surprise that the focus of these two positions is very different.

A controller concerns himself with accurate reporting while a CFO concerns herself with analysis and solutions.  A controller is concerned with tactics.  A CFO is concerned with strategy. A CFO writing for Proformative on the difference between CFOs and controllers noted that CFOs focus on “What if…” while controllers focus on “What is…”

Both perspectives are crucial to a business. CFOs value the tactical strength and attention to detail of their controllers.  No CFO would want to launch a strategy without complete clarity on the “what is” of the organization’s financial position.

The office of the controller may be becoming, in fact, even more crucial to the CFO and the goals of the company by creating higher levels of financial visibility to help drive growth and profitability.

In the white paper “The 5 Questions To Ask Your Controller,” the document states:

“Today’s CFO needs to work closely with the controller to ensure that, one, the organization gets the full benefit of the controller’s talents and knowledge and, two, the controller’s office is operating at the highest levels of efficiency and accuracy.”

Progressive controllers and CFOs make a habit of revisiting workflows and processes to make sure that best practices are in place ensuring compliance, accuracy, and audit readiness.  In addition, this collaboration can quickly identify problem areas requiring attention, but also opportunities to be seized.

There is one caveat. It’s hard to accomplish this with spreadsheets and entry level accounting software.

A powerful ERP solution designed for your business needs empowers both the controller and the CFO.

Enhancing “What is” with “What if” and How Express Information Systems Can Help
Let Express Information Systems introduce you to the benefits your growing business could reap from the right ERP solution.  We’ll direct you towards a solution that will address both the “What is” and the “What if”.  We invite you to download the white paper and read more about the CFO/controller collaboration approach.  And, we always welcome your call: contact us directly to discuss your specific needs.

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