Benefits of Cloud Accounting Software for Congregations and Faith Ministries

As your congregation or faith ministry grows in size and complexity, you reach a point where manual, time-consuming processes drain your productivity. Flying blind, without real-time visibility into key metrics and outcomes is stifling growth. As a good steward, you need a system that leverages cloud accounting with the latest technology advancements. At a minimum, … Continued

Top 5 Reasons Why it’s Time to Ditch Paper Receipts

Receipts are a part of business life. Whether you’re running a business, holding client meetings offsite or you travel for work, those little documents have probably seen the inside of your wallet, the bottom of your purse, or shoebox. These tiny pieces of paper are integral to keeping track of your expenses and outgoings, of … Continued

Is Your Accounting Software Impeding Mission Fulfillment?

The fact is, it’s never easy to be a CFO. Whether extraordinary (such as changes necessitated by the pandemic) or routine (managing projects according to the requirements of the grant, responding to constituents or donors, or preparing for a board meeting) – today’s demands mean that your systems must be as agile as you are. … Continued

Shifting to Remote For Your Healthcare Financials  

The Texas Medical Association recently published its “Road to Recovery:  A Guide for Reopening Your Practice Post-COVID-19.”  It contains steps for practice operations, financial operations, clinical operations, human resources, and customer service. During their town hall phone conference mid-April, 60% of their poll respondents indicated they had lost between 50-100% of ALL their revenue since the start of the pandemic. While … Continued

All Roads Lead to Popdock

As more and more people move from traditional, on-premise business applications, data insight and integration is going to become more important than ever. Lately, we have been having lots of conversations with coworkers and customers, and the discussion always seems to come back to the fact that… all roads lead to Popdock! With its flexibility, it … Continued

7 Reasons to Move to Cloud Financials Now

Every month that you are not shifting to the cloud is an additional month you fall behind. Right now, the entire world is moving to the cloud because of the ability to gain access to their accounting and business software from anywhere, anytime with real-time data. Express Information Systems and Sage Intacct have a strong … Continued

The Right Accounting Software for Multi-Location Companies

For many companies, a sign of success is opening additional locations. This expansion can create opportunities, such as a more extensive service area and the potential for faster response time to customers. However, expansion can also present some real challenges. One challenge is implementing accounting software that can successfully manage multiple locations. Over the past … Continued

6 Reasons Dynamics GP Users Need To Shift Reporting from Excel to Power BI

For many years, Microsoft Excel has been the go-to reporting tool for businesses. But since the release of Power BI, a “business intelligence” tool that offers powerful analytics and reporting features, it’s a whole new ballgame! Power BI was designed to help in systematically analyzing data and sharing insights. With faster experimentation with visualizations, statistical functions … Continued

Financial software that will save you 100 hours per month

“I’m a strong believer that if a mechanical task can be done by software, it should not be done by a human being who could use that time for value-added activities.” – Alejandro Perez, CEO Komet Sales Freeing people to do more and be more strategic is key to successfully growing a business, but how … Continued

Can Multi-Entity Accounting Ever Be Easy?

It truly is possible for multi-entity accounting to be easy, effective, streamlined, scalable, flexible, and just right for you. For growing organizations, there’s no doubt that accounting for multiple entities or locations is often a time-consuming and painful process—especially if your accounting software doesn’t support it. You may have to deal with complicated consolidations, far-flung … Continued