Study: Intacct & Dynamics GP Lead for Best Quickbooks Prospects

In a recent study conducted by Software Connect, Intacct and Dynamics GP were rated as some of the top contenders as the most popular replacements for Quickbooks.

Collecting their data from 4,000+ Quickbooks replacement reviews, Intacct and Dynamics GP not only made it to the top 10 list of contenders, but they actually made it into the top 3 choices!  Given their extremely popular nature, both Intacct and Dynamics GP have a very sturdy foothold on arguments as to why they would be the best software for all your accounting and finance departments’ needs.

Take a look below as we briefly showcase some of their individual results, and why you should pick one of these top 3 choices for your everyday business needs.

[large_heading]By The Numbers: Intacct & Microsoft Dynamics GP[/large_heading]

[small_heading]Microsoft Dynamics GP[/small_heading]

Originally released in 1993 by Microsoft, Dynamics GP is an accounting and ERP product that provides a various range of functionality but was originally offered as an on-premise solution for licensing feeds, upgrade fees, and annual support.

It’s no wonder Dynamics GP came out on top with such prominent numbers.  After all, along with its provisioned capabilities as a solution for Microsoft Azure, Dynamics GP supports sales and services, human resources, payroll, financial management, accounting, inventory managements, operations, as well as business intelligence and reporting.


Laying the foundation as one of the first web-based cloud accounting software back in 1999, Intacct was quickly made available for business owners in the SMB market.

Since then, Intacct has included continual support for financial reporting, purchasing, sales and use tax, project accounting, core accounting, billing, and inventory management.  No upgrade costs, no hardware or system software to contend with and the speed in the cloud is impressive.  Intacct has a born-in-the-cloud distinction that sets it apart.

So, how did Intacct fare directly against Dynamics GP?  Intacct’s easy to learn user interface and depth of functionality, plus its all-in-the-cloud approach, has made it a hit among QuickBooks users, and the numbers prove it!

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