Is Your Business Ready for More Powerful Reporting?

Every growing business reaches a point where the “old way” of financial reporting stops delivering. It’s when your business—and the data it generates—becomes more complex. It’s when your management team demands more from each metric and each insight, and when there are more questions than answers. It’s when the limitations of your existing reporting system become clear, and there’s no choice but to upgrade to a more powerful solution.

Scaling Your Reporting Demands for Growth   

Aside from needing greater visibility into business financials and operational data, decision-makers to need to know more about what’s actually driving business growth—and what it’s going to take to keep moving forward. Financial and accounting professionals in growing businesses are tasked to provide information that’s:

  • On-demand – so issues can be quickly identified and problems solved anytime, anywhere
  • In real-time – for the most up-to-date data
  • Multifaceted – because there are more dots to connect across a growing number of variables
  • Relevant to specific stakeholders – because now there’s more need-to-know executives, investors, shareholders, auditors, and others
  • Available in the most intuitive formats – since different people ask for different insights in different ways, and it’s got to be both simple and actionable

These are challenges that simply can’t be met by the manual, spreadsheet-based method of reporting, especially if your finance and accounting team rely on IT or other departments to deliver data or external reports to get the work done. Taking your reporting capabilities to the next level requires taking your software to the next level—and to the cloud—with Intacct.

Intacct: Your Best In Class Solution for Reporting and Dashboards

With Intacct, your team can take advantage of more than 150 pre-built accounting and financial reports—and you’ll have the ability to customize your own reports to meet the exact needs of your growing business. You’ll have the tools to:

Expand and Improve Your Visibility
You’ll be able to run reports that include performance metrics related to both financial and operational data, such as open invoices, missing time sheets, and customer aging. That means more data, more reports, more information, and more insight. It will become possible to “slice and dice” mission-critical data in a multitude of ways to solve for more complex business problems—and uncover next-level business opportunities.

Your team will have access to big-picture as well as granular insights in just a few clicks. And you can completely tailor your content so it presents in the easiest and clearest way. Build custom lists and calendars. Employ visualizations that enable you to quickly highlight trends and exceptions using conditional highlighting, trend indicators, color scaling, and spark lines to display critical comparisons, show missed or hit targets, and more. Create charts and graphs to view on custom drag-and-drop dashboards (including mobile dashboards) or to publish them and share with your team and various stakeholders.

Look at your Business from Any Angle

You’ll improve decision-making and get faster answers to your questions by analyzing performance based on your company’s unique business drivers.

Intacct’s Reporting and Dashboards includes ten built-in dimensions for capturing and reporting on business context: project, customer, location, department, vendor, item, employee, warehouse, contract, and class. If necessary, you can create additional custom dimensions. And with dimension-driven reporting: your team will be able to quickly filter, group, and summarize your data so it’s most relevant for the problem being solved.

This functionality helps you meet the needs and decision-makers across your company, whether they’re in finance, sales, marketing, operations, or the C-Suite. Since you’re not manually exporting and importing data to and from disparate systems, your information is always up-to-date in real-time. That means you can share your insights without any hassle—and in a variety of ways.

Share the Insights with Ease

You can run reports and share them on-demand, or schedule them to run automatically. Your team will be able to choose from flexible delivery options, like email and mobile, so insights can be pushed-out when it’s most convenient for your team and the executives who depend on the information. And reports can be outputted in HTML, PDF, CSV, or Excel format—whatever works best for the person who needs them.

Learn more! Download 3 New Approaches to Unlocking Deeper Financial Insight whitepaper. Intacct’s Reporting and Dashboard software opens a new and exciting world of reporting to your business. And it’s designed to scale—so it can grow with you as your company expands and your reporting needs change.

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