How Cloud Accounting Saves You Time

If time is money, then your growing business could surely use more of both. Scaling up requires more streamlined processes that save time for your finance and accounting staff—and that’s time they need to focus on strategic activities that drive business forward. Fortunately, cloud accounting solutions do more than streamline your processes. In addition to … Continued

Automate Revenue Recognition for ASC 606 and IFRS 15 Compliance

Regardless of industry, it’s likely that your business is making plans to transition or in the process of transitioning your systems to meet the new converged FASB and IASB standards for recognizing contract revenue. With just over a year before the effective date for private companies, the time for action is now. Introduced in 2014, … Continued

Productivity On-the-Go: The Modern (Mobile) Approach to Accounting

Gone are the days when the members of your finance and accounting department are chained to their desks to get work done. Now, they can sign-off of their desktops in time to catch their kid’s soccer game. Modern, cloud-based technology enables them to sign-in to their smartphones to finish performing almost any task that can’t … Continued

Exploring Modern Reporting Trends, Part 2: Real-Time Decision Support

The accounting and financial teams in growing businesses are taking a modern approach to reporting, going well beyond the prepping and printing of paper financial statements. Not only are they leveraging both financial and operational data from multiple systems, as we discussed in part 1 of this modern reporting trends blog series, but they’re producing … Continued

Exploring Modern Reporting Trends, Part 1: All-Inclusive Insights

While accounting departments are still, and always will be, responsible for producing traditional GAAP-based financial reports, their increasingly strategic role in business growth requires next-generation reporting. That means decision-makers have come to rely on the analytical—not simply transactional—insights derived from their data. The pressure is “on” to deliver visibility into what’s driving the business forward. … Continued

3 Ways Your Purchasing Department Will Flourish

There’s no question that streamlining the entire procure-to-pay cycle helps growing business achieve scale by making the most of their resources. But this includes more than securing advantageous payment terms and optimizing cash flow. It also involves decreasing the time and energy spent by finance and accounting staff in the management of day-to-day purchasing, payment, … Continued

Three Reasons Cloud Accounting is Right for Nonprofit Organizations

Running the finances at a nonprofit is a challenge. With strict budgets, additional reporting needs, and fewer staff members, the prospect of doing something as simple as closing the books or generating an ad hoc report for a donor could send chills down your spine. Naturally, however, the only thing that seems more painful than … Continued

Intacct Earns A Visionary Spot on the New Gartner Magic Quadrant

Gartner has recently published a new Magic Quadrant covering cloud-based Core Financial Management Applications—and they’ve positioned Intacct it its visionary quadrant. This means the company has a completeness of vision and understands where the market is headed. Intacct is considered a cloud solution vendor that businesses can rely on to help bring their finance and … Continued

The Trouble with Doing Multi-Entity Consolidations the Traditional Way

With the addition of each new company location, acquisition, or whatever entity-expanding activity is driving your growth, you’re watching your business’s organizational chart grow. And along with it, new accounting needs are emerging. Your team may now need to manage multiple currencies or inter-entity transactions, and your payables may be de-centralizing. You’re probably feeling it’s … Continued

Be Prepared to Answer These 3 Questions from Your CEO

As your business grows, executive leadership will demand more and more from your finance and accounting departments. But it works the other way around, too: as your finance and accounting departments are able to deliver more and more to executive leadership, your business will grow. The insights coming out of finance and accounting are supporting … Continued