6 Companies That Successfully Moved Beyond QuickBooks

When you started your business, QuickBooks may have met your accounting needs. But now, as your business grows and becomes more complex, QuickBooks may not be up to the challenge. Are you ready to take the next step? Are you ready to successfully move beyond QuickBooks?

Express Information Systems has helped numerous companies who have outgrown QuickBooks move to a more comprehensive accounting solution.  With the help of our long-tenured, expert consultants, we were able to successfully switch them from QuickBooks to a solution that gives them more capabilities and allows for further growth.

Here are 6 companies, the challenges they faced, the solution they found, and the benefits of upgrading brought to their businesses. Perhaps you will recognize some similarities with your own growing business.

Wayne Wright, a successful San Antonio Law Firm, was growing fast! With multiple locations and a rising client base, they needed to transition from QuickBooks to a robust accounting solution that would integrate with its legal database, automate processes, and simplify reporting.

The team at Express immediately knew the solution. They installed Microsoft Dynamics GP along with complete, real-time reporting software. Most importantly, Express integrated it with Wayne Wright’s legal database, a challenge Wayne Wright thought was nearly impossible.  During the implementation, Express provided user-based testing as well as training sessions for all of their accounting employees.

Wayne Wright now benefits from a user-friendly reporting process, seamless data sharing, automated processes for payments, and the ability to bring payroll in-house.

Houston Direct Auto is a rapidly growing company that was utilizing QuickBooks, a legacy dealership management system as well as several other disparate lines of business systems. They had completely manual processes, minimal communication between systems and limited visibility into vehicle expenses.

Sage Intacct was selected by Houston Direct Auto due to its extensive integration capabilities. The long-term plan for this project is to integrate all business systems and provide an automated system for purchasing a vehicle, tracking all expenses, all the way through the sale of the vehicle.

The new automated system is the ideal situation for Houston Direct Auto as it will allow then to sell 50% more vehicles without increasing headcount. Plus, it will increase profit margins and fuel growth by tracking vehicle profitability metrics in granular detail.

Texas Stars, an American Hockey League team based in Austin is another great example. The organization struggled with financial reporting that was stuck in Excel sheets. They also wanted to pull per-event financial data for hockey games, concerts, and more but, QuickBooks limited their ability to do this type of reporting.

 Texas Stars found their solution to successfully move beyond QuickBooks by partnering with Express to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP. Now they can print reports easily, implement analytical accounting by event, and better track their scholarship dollars through automated accounts receivable tracking.

Pediatric & Adolescent Healthcare Provider Little Engine Homecare, Inc. faced its challenge due to its growing employee base. Little Engine Homecare, Inc. needed to transition from QuickBooks to an accounting solution capable of handling a more extensive payroll.

To solve the problem, Little Engine Homecare aligned with us to install Microsoft Dynamics GP and train its accounting team to utilize it efficiently.  Little Engine Homecare now enjoys comprehensive financial reporting and automated payments, saving their team valuable hours each week.

As a growing company managing multiple locations and an increasing employee count, Touchstone Communities struggled with the reporting limitations of QuickBooks. They also suffered from the limitations on security and controls and spent too much time on duplicate data entry from multiple systems.

After deploying Microsoft Dynamics GP, Touchstone Communities was able to set limited access and permissions, establish a self-serve payroll solution and remove duplicate data entry points. Since implementing their new system, they have grown from six to fifty entities.

For Pella San Antonio, the challenge was slightly different. Pella’s corporate offices required all local franchises to switch from QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics GP. Another vendor initially helped them with this transition, but the transition was messy and wasn’t meeting Pella San Antonio’s expectations.

When Express Information Systems entered the picture, their consultants helped the Pella team members use their software with accounting, invoicing, samples, and payroll. Pella San Antonio now has an efficient, reliable service with its updated ERP system.

Is your company ready to successfully move beyond QuickBooks? Do you share some of the same challenges these companies experienced with QuickBooks?

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As your business continues to grow, Express Information Systems can help you find the right software to meet all your accounting needs. Let’s start the conversation… contact us or just give us a call at (210) 614-9410.

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