5 Reasons Your Growing Business Should Host Microsoft Dynamics GP In The Cloud

If you’re considering implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP as your ERP solution, you have a good handle on what makes it an excellent solution for bringing together the core pieces of your growing business. Your employees are ready to embrace a new, more empowering way to work, using technology designed to transform everything from their everyday tasks to team collaboration.

But have you considered hosting your Microsoft Dynamics GP software on a cloud platform? Here’s 5 reasons why:

  1. Lower startup costs. Migrating your infrastructure—and ERP system, along with it—to the cloud makes economical sense. Unlike sofware hosted on-premise, a cloud-based solution doesn’t require you to purchase hardware, from the user computers that support it to the equipment and machines needed to keep it running. Your employees can access their tools from any connected computer or mobile device, and your software vendor handles the rest.
  2. Faster path to ROI. First of all, deployment is much faster with a cloud-based solution, one of the advantages of hosted web services. That means you’re off to the races sooner than you would be with an on-premise solution. Secondly, your employees will have faster, more intuitive, and more convenient access to the easy-to-use productivity tools they need to deliver actionable insights. And with more streamlined business processes, you’ll have the power to optimize your workflows and boost your efficiency. It all impacts the bottom-line while “paying you back” for your investment in the latest technology innovations.
  3. Reduced dependence on internal IT resources. The end-to-end process of implementing your Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud asks significantly less from your IT team. Your cloud vendor assumes most of the “heavy-lifting” associated with getting your system up and running. In fact, you’ll find that because the vendor is also responsible for maintaining the software, making upgrades, and providing user support, your internal IT staff will have more time to focus on other initiatives before, during, and after deployment.
  4. Optimal Flexibility for Growth. As evidenced by all of the reasons above—lower costs, quicker route to value, and minimal IT support—an ERP system hosted in the cloud is built for agility and evolution. Growing businesses can change frequently and dramatically, whether that means M&A activity, increased headcount, or new lines of business or operating locations. Not only is Microsoft Dynamics GP’s software flexible and customizable so it grows with you, but the cloud-based solution is inherently more scalable, making it easy to accommodate new users, new software integrations, and rising data storage requirements.
  5. Integration-ready. Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud easily connects with your other business systems so your data can sync up and become more powerful. With custom integrations, your employees will only have to enter data once, cutting down on manual inefficiencies. And your reporting capabilities become more robust, enabling forward-thinking decisions for better business results. At the end of the day, you end up responding faster to opportunities and working better with vendors and customers, both inside and outside of your company.

With a cloud-based ERP solution, you’ll be in the fast lane to enhanced productivity, efficiency, and value. Contact us to learn more.

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